Why are we unhappy in Life? Read these 9 Reasons.

Why are we Unhappy?

What is the primary reason for being unhappy? “We have plentiful sources of happiness available to us, but we are confused, and somewhere we want all things at one time, in this amidst we lose everything and that transforms into sorrows, dissatisfaction and state of distress in our lives.”

“Happiness is a state of mind.”


  1. For each one of us in this modern era, happiness is interlinked with pleasures. It is purely subjective; however, we are continually looking at other people’s lifestyles and their idea of happiness and, as a result, have no real opinion about what joy means to us. It is generally concealed by competition, envy, comparisons, and hatred, which results in being unhappy.
  2. We are never satisfied. Our attention span is short-lived, and our wants are many. We are never content, and as we acquire one thing, our eyes set on to achieve many more sources of never-ending desires. It is the primary reason for our unhappy state of mind. Hence to achieve happiness, one should embrace joy in little things.
  3. As it is said, the real value of a thing is realized when it’s gone. Similarly, we are great at forgetting small acts of kindness and are more attracted by superficial needs, which eventually degrades us. Moreover, we should understand to differentiate between ideal and toxic relationships. People who flourish have a sense of acknowledgment and appreciation for good relations in their life.
  4. We are afraid of changes. There is a continuous fear of failure, uncertainty, pain, and discomfort associated with any bold decision in our lives. We are so addicted to being in a cocoon or a shell; we fail to experience life with full vitality. A real state of happiness is achieved when we accept that change is inevitable.
  5. We do not live in the moment. Mostly, we are trying so hard to capture the moment for social media feeds, and it had led us into an illusion of happiness. The notion of being happy when it is only revealed to the world is the primary reason for our unhappy selves.
  6. We are waiting for the opinions of others, and these evaluations mean only praises. Most of us can’t stand criticism and sunk into self-loathing or low self-esteem. While, when we are given compliments, we develop more enormous egos and self-obsession. All in all, we fail to balance our life and emotions.
  7. We have become more conscious of our physical appearance. We believe that the way we dress up determines our personality. Thus, it is a myth, as your physical appearance decides what you project to the world, while your inner beauty is not expected, it is perceived by your actions.
  8. During our lives, we are stuck in horrors of the past and are always worried about the future. We forget to live in the present, which plunges us into an unhappy state.
  9. We are liars, cheaters, lazy, and ignorant. Ignorance is that dark place in your mind, that chains your life to lethargy, inaction, immoral acts, hatred, infatuation, and greed. It is the primary source of unhappiness in our life. Most of us are stuck in this loop at uncertain times in our life, which drains out the happiness of our life.

These are the tragedies of the Millennial folks. Funny thing is we don’t even try to overcome any of it and end up being frustrated and ultimately unhappy and sad.


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