Different Types of Water you Need to Know

7 Different Types of Water you Need to Know

Any skin Care topic or health conversation will talk about the importance of staying hydrated. Ideally, 8-10 glasses of water are a must in a day, but most people are usually not able to keep themselves hydrated enough. Consider the health benefits and benefits of water for healthy skin too; will the list be ever ending? You can say most of your health and skin-related issues are resolved if we drink more and more water.  But it is essential to drink the right type of water; otherwise, you can acquire many water-borne diseases as well. Let us study in detail about the Types of Water and its pros and Cons.


Importance of Water

Can you imagine one single day of yours without water? Water is not just necessary for you but various household chores like cleaning, bathing, cooking, etc.  Water is considered as the key factor for our existence on Earth. Our body comprises 70 percent of water, half of it is drained by sweat and urine. Hence you feel tired and exhausted. It is essential to keep your body hydrated so that the drained water can reenter back in the body. What is the first thing you offer to someone when they come to your place? The answer is pretty obvious. It’s water. In short, water is the basis of Human survival.


Functions of water

 Here are some Functions of Water:

  1. Helps to make the process of digestion smooth
  2. Allows proper functioning of Brain
  3. Flushing bacteria out of the bladder
  4. Preventing Constipation
  5. Maintaining the sodium level in the body.
  6. Provides smooth and glowing skin
  7. Used for various household chores like cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.
  8. Use of water by the cells, organs, and tissues to regulate the body temperature and carry out various functions of the body.


Types of Water

1. Tap water

  • Tap water is the kind of water that you get directly from a pipe.
  • The water you get in your toilet or maybe a kitchen that directly comes out of a Pipe.
  • Some houses use Tap water for drinking purposes, and some keep it restricted to Household chores.
  • Usually, it is used by houses to complete their household chores like cleaning, bathing, cooking, etc.
  • But in some other houses, it is used as drinking water.
  • It must meet the regulations set by the local Municipal bodies
  • The use of a filter is suggested in case you are worried about the Containments available in the water.
It is Fit for Human use. Pipes that come from the Industrial area can bring contaminated water.
Much cheaper as compared to Bottle water. Some reports talk about plastic particles found in Tap water.
In the United States of America, most of the house has tap water in their home, which is safe and fit for human use. Tap water available in Public areas can contain pesticides, residue, and various other undesirable objects.


2. Mineral Water

  • As the name suggests, Mineral water is enriched with minerals like Calcium, magnesium, sulfur, etc.
  • Mineral Water is obtained from Underground sources, hence making it rich in Minerals.
  • No more minerals can be added in this water as it is also enriched with plenty of minerals.
  • Due to the presence of Various Minerals, the value of Mineral water amplifies, and it is considered fit and pure for Human use.
  • Plus the addition of Minerals provides it with Bonus points.
  • Be careful while you choose the brand, as some brands reduce the quantity or maybe avoid the presence of the entire Mineral.
  • Some Brands can have more quantity of one type of mineral and comprise the number of others.
It comes with various benefits to our health due to the presence of minerals. Heavy on the pocket, Tap water is much more Pocket friendly.
It provides our body with Minerals, which the body cannot make on its own hence Mineral water, fulfills that task. Most Minerals available in this water can be provided from other food items as well.
Mainly it helps in Digestion, and some people prefer Mineral Water over tap water because of it being better in Taste. Sodium, Magnesium can be added to your diet by food items; hence this water is less preferred due to it being high in price.


3. Spring or Glacier Water

  • Rainwater which is accumulated underground comes out on the surface in the form of spring or puddle.
  • Natural springs do not pass through the community water system and yet considered suitable for drinking despite the fact it comes from the ground.
  • Evian and Arrowhead are some popular Brands that provide people with spring or glacier water.
  • While you are purchasing spring water, be sure that you check whether it is tested or not.
  • Do not buy raw spring water as it can contain containments that can result in health problems and can provoke the symptoms of Water Borne Diseases in your body.
Springwater is clean, free of toxins, and also contains some minerals hence it is fit for human use. A bit more expensive as compared to tap water.
It is easily available in stores or shops. In some cases, Springwater is raw, not adequately tested, and can contain containments that can hamper with our health.


4. Sparkling Water

  • You might have noticed waiter in restaurants asking your preference among regular, mineral, or Sparkling water, and a lot of times you have asked for Sparkling water because of its name being so fancy.
  • Sparkling water or fizzy water undergoes carbonation, which makes it appear as soda.
  • It can either be Regular, Mineral, or Spring Water which undergoes the process of carbonation, due to which it appears fizzy and unique.
  • Sparkling water is usually infused with carbon dioxide under pressure.
It is different from other types of water and can provide you with a dizzy feeling. It is much more expensive as compared to any kind of water.
It also has added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Some Brands in Sparkling water just contain minerals for the sake of it.
Sparkling Mineral water contains minerals as well as it undergoes the process of carbonation, which means that your body gets a bonus combination of minerals and carbonation. These minerals do not have much impact on your body. It is just for fancy and showoff purposes. People usually prefer mineral water more in comparison to sparkling water.


5. Distilled Water

  • Demineralized Or Distilled water is the type of water which undergoes various treatments like osmosis and distillation to remove all the minerals and salt this water contains.
  • This is a pure form of water, but it is not considered fit for human use.
  • It can cause mineral deficiencies because it is devoid of all salts, and most of the natural minerals in the water are gone as a result of this process.
  • Sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium loss are common repercussions of drinking Distilled water.
  • Distilled water first undergoes the procedure of steaming. Steam is then collected and condensed back into the liquid.
Distilled water is best suitable for places where the water is contaminated There are no added minerals to this water; hence it does not have any health benefits on our body.


6. Purified water

  • Purified water is usually tap water which undergoes treatments; hence all the containments are removed from it.
  • Bacteria, fungi, and all other harmful substances dissolved in this water are removed, which makes it safe and fit for human use.
  • You can purchase this water from markets or install a water purifier at home to get purified and safe water.
It is just like distilled water if you go to someplace where safe water is not available. This water is purified, which kills all the harmful substances, and in this process, sometimes beneficial minerals like fluoride are all washed out, which is a loss for the human body
When tap water is purified, it makes the water coming from a pipe or tap pure and fir for human use. This water or even installing a purifier at your home can be a bit costlier in comparison to the expenses of other types of water.


7. Well water

  • Water available in the well is a form of Underground water.
  • It has various containments and is not safe for human use. 
You can have access to water in your backyard. Water is untreated, which increases the possibility of Contamination.
You can take some steps to make the water suitable for human use. Until and unless you don’t test the water, there is no clue what you are getting. This is a comparatively long process.



There are 7 types of water

  1. Tap Water
  2. Mineral water
  3. Distilled water
  4. Sparkling water
  5. Well water
  6. Purified water
  7. Spring or Glacier water


Functions of water

  1. Helps to make the process of digestion smooth.
  2. Allows proper functioning of Brain.
  3. Flushing bacteria out of the bladder.
  4. Preventing Constipation.
  5. Maintaining the sodium level in the body.
  6. Provides smooth and glowing skin.
  7. Used for various household chores like cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.




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