how to get rid of uneven skin texture

8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Skin Texture

All your life, you will see people craving for a good Skin Texture. A glowing, hydrated, and moisturized skin is every girl’s weakness. Everybody wants to get rid of the acne on their skin, wrinkles that come with old age and dark circles, but for that, some beauty rituals have to be followed.  Adopting the right kind of Lifestyle is very necessary because a healthy lifestyle has direct correlation with the glowing skin. 

Now let’s understand these things in detail.


What is Skin texture?

Skin Texture usually refers to the surface of the skin.

Good skin texture has qualities like Glow, Hydration, moisture, soft, supple and smooth.

Wrong Skin Texture is denoted by qualities like Dullness, Roughness, Dryness, Under Moisturized, and sun-damaged.


How does your skin texture damages?

It is often said that your skin is the mirror for your body.

Factors such as stress, pollution, sun Damage, chemical, and hormonal changes are responsible for the deterioration of your skin.

Conditions such as eczema, ichthyosis, keratosis pilaris, and psoriasis are Genetic, and visiting a dermatologist is very important in such a case.


How to improve your skin texture?

Improving your Skin Texture isn’t that tough and is something that can be maintained sitting at home. But for severe conditions visiting a Dermatologist becomes crucial before your skin conditions worsen up.


Tips to improve Skin Texture

1. Drink plenty of water

Memorize and implement this Mantra in your life “Water is my Best Friend”,and glowing skin will be your return gift.

The more water you drink, the more your cells will become Hydrated and pumped.

Hence the process of Flushing out Toxins becomes very smooth and faster.

A minimum of 8-10 glasses of water should be on your To-do list.


2. Quitting of junk food, welcoming green vegetables

Is junk food one among your guilty pleasures, then surely you have to say goodbye to the glowing skin.

Green Vegetables are enriched with alkaline properties, which are correlated with many health benefits.

Food with too much sugar, oil, and alcohol damages the good bacteria in your skin, which results in Imbalance in your Gut’s microbiome, leading to inflammation, which can damage your skin.

Choose food items with a variety of Minerals and Antioxidants.

Vitamin A and C are the two kinds of minerals that are responsible for the process of skin repair.


3. Do not compromise on your sleep

Binge-watching shows in the night will be at the cost of skin damage.

Stress and exhaustion from the entire day can be healed if you provide your body with enough sleep.

If you do not get plenty of sleep, then the exhaustion and tiredness will be seen on the face, and as a result, your skin will appear to be dull.

Moreover, dark Circles are the primary cause of sleep deficiency.


4. Burn the sweat

Eating healthy, sleeping well, staying hydrated is good, but burning out the sweat should also be added to your list.

Exercising regularly helps you to digest your food; feel pumped up and thus makes the process of digestion easy.

It reduces inflammation, boosts the essential hormones required for glowing skin, and prevents skin damage.

Not only you will feel your skin glowing, but you will feel happy, calm, positive vibe will strike its way to you.

Make it a routine, start your day with some sweat burning exercises to adopt a fitter and a healthier lifestyle.


5. Use of moisturizer is a must 

  • It doesn’t matter if you have a Dry or an Oily skin, moisturizing your skin should be ticked up on a regular basis.
  • This process avoids flaking and dry patches and brings the lost moisture back to your skin.
  • These moisturizers basically plump up the dead skin cells and hence bless you with smooth and moisturized skin by adding an oily layer to the surface.
  • Make it a night skincare routine to pamper your skin with some moisturizer to make sure it is plumped.


6. Don’t forget the Sunscreen

Make it a rule; if you are stepping out of your house, sunscreen on your skin is Mandatory.

An important point to remember is , do not step out directly after applying the cream, and you have to apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before you head out of your house.

UV rays have adverse effects on your skin, and sunscreen is your shield against it.

Chronic sun damage throughout our life has a cumulative effect of destroying the collagen and elastin that make up the connective tissues of our skin.


7. Wash your face when you come back 

Coming back home after a long and tiring day, don’t forget to wash your face with a face wash before you jump into your bed.

When you come from outside, you bring pollution, plenty of dust particles in your skin, and hence washing them off from your skin becomes very important to prevent further skin damage.

This can further give rise to dead skin cells, blackheads, and can make your skin texture dull.

Make it a routine, once you come back, the first thing you have to do is wash your face, and before you sleep, don’t forget to moisturize.


8. On weekends pamper your skin with home remedies

SELF CARE IS SELF LOVE! Spend your Sunday by pampering your skin with some home remedies and face masks.

You can try the TURMERIC and GRAM FLOUR mixture on your skin.

Some face masks like the Charcoal face mask aren’t a bad option either.

You can use plenty of homemade remedies on weekends, or whenever you feel like pampering yourself, by this you will be pampering your skin as well, and the glow with these home remedies is unconditional.



Good skin is something that everyone craves for.

Good skin comes with certain guildlines, which is mandatory to follow.

Dull, hydrated, moisturized skin is obtained by following a healthy lifestyle.

Skin Texture usually refers to the surface of the skin.

Working out, staying hydrated, applying sunscreen before heading out, proper diet should be on your list if you desire for glowing skin.

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