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Letting go in Life. Read these 9 pieces of advice to change your life.

How to change your life?

A simple life advice that has significantly brought a major change in my life is the habit of letting go.

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I have been greatly inspired by some of the Zen philosophy of Buddhism and Diogenes Philosophy both of which talk about letting go of the need for control.

Letting go of bad memories, negative thoughts, fear, anticipations, letting go of grudges, the outcome of my actions, and overthinking about past and future has given me peace of mind and happiness.

The philosophy of letting go has made a positive impression on everything I do. I am no longer a person who clings to the past. My persistence to change events or getting intimidated by what will happen if I take a risky step has ceased to be a part of my life. 

It is said, expectations and desires are a source of sorrow in our life. More we crave for desires and have expectations from things and people, more we are leading ourselves into sufferings.

The feeling of letting go in life is best understood if you imagine yourself swimming in the waters, you do not grab the water to swim, instead you remain calm and float. It is because if you try to grasp the water you will drown.

Similarly, hanging on to bad experiences, negative emotions, or habits and letting it manipulate or decide the path of your life will always fill your life with a burden.

That feeling of being worried or anxious originates only because we don’t have any control over what happens in our life. We desire immediate gratification of our actions as we long for certainty in our life.

letting go

Here are some tips to let go off that experience in your life:

  1. Practice gratitude, appreciation, and being thankful for what you currently have in your life. Do not run on the endless road of desires and materialistic life just because every next person on the road is crashing into it.
  2. Set your boundaries. Over expectation from people or moreover yourself is toxic like a drug.
  3. Believe in yourself. Do not doubt your capabilities. A positive attitude is indispensable for accomplishing your goals.
  4. Remove the thought from your mind that you can control the actions of others. You CANT.
  5. Only worry about what perception you have in your mind about yourself and not what the world perceive about you.
  6. Accept your mistakes. Embrace your imperfections and shortcomings and work towards it.
  7. Forgive people and forget what they did. Clinging onto grudges has never done any good to anyone. It keeps you stuck on a loop of revenge and success.
  8. Be open about many possibilities about your future and people in a positive way. Practice the art of not knowing what may happen. Don’t fix your viewpoint on one right way instead have an open mind.
  9. Finally, accept the things you can not change. Instead, understand that your perception about a significant moment in your life will not be as you had imagined. In the process of controlling it, we miss on the opportunities that come by our side, which could potentially be better than the ones we are crying for.

letting go

When you surrender to this feeling you become one with the universe. We befriend the higher dimension and thereafter begins the cycle of positivity. It all lies in having trust in this belief.

Originally published on Quora by Shikha Roy

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