Top facts in Psychology that people don’t know

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the science which studies the behavior of humans and their mind. We, humans, are intrigued by interesting facts in psychology as it gives us hope that we can read minds, understand people better, and most importantly know ourselves. So binge on these mind-blowing facts in psychology to make our complex life more interesting.

22 Awesome Facts in Psychology!

  1. People who have a lot of hidden guilt inside them are more able to understand other people’s emotions and thoughts.
  2. When people receive texts like Good morning and Good Night, a part of a brain activates which is responsible for happiness.
  3. Our brain identifies the feeling of rejection as equivalent to physical pain.
  4. Expressing gratitude or being thankful can increase the level of dopamine and serotonin, which acts like anti-depressants in our body.
  5. Also, Dopamine is a source of seeking behavior in us. Stimulations such as searching, craving desires, the compulsion to text, waiting, anticipations about what will happen next are a result of Dopamine secretions in our body.
  6. Ever wondered, why this song is your most favorite one? That is because it connects you with an emotional event that happened in your life. Well, that perfectly fits my favorite song in my Life Diary. Also, your taste of music has a huge effect on your perception of the world.
  7. When people say, “I don’t care”, mostly they are the ones who care the most.
  8. Have you ever found people who are criticizing all the time? According to Psychology, they have generally low self-esteem.
  9. Wondered why, when you make a strange funny expression in front of a newborn baby and he copies your actions? When you smile at a person and that person smiles back at you instantly? This is due to the action of Mirror neurons in our brain cells which is responsible for firing that imitation behavior in humans.
  10. On the other hand, these mirror neurons are also responsible for our empathy. We tend to understand and experience other people’s emotions deeply because of it. They are a reflection in our life about other people’s feelings and experiences.
  11. Statistics about the tragedy of 500 million people will move you less as compared to a tragic event of one poor girly dying. It has a deep connection with your capability to change the life of the people affected. The higher statistics makes you believe that you had no power to change what happened.
  12. Spending money on other people gives you more happiness than splurging on yourself. (Time to go broke? )
  13. Romantic love is almost similar to suffering from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. (Love is Dangerous!)
  14. Ever seen blue and red color together and felt gaudy? One-color seems to jump out unusually than the other and strains your eyes? This is called chromostereopsis. The same can happen with a color combination like red and green.
  15. According to Psychology, you will find it impossible to lie to your crush. (I never even had a chance to talk to mine!)
  16. When you are having a bad day, low mood, scared and sad, you tend to be more responsive to brands or logos. In other words, you will be in a shopping spree and advertising companies might earn money out of you! On the positive side, it may uplift your mood to a greater extent.
  17. People who are compulsive liars are better at detecting when others lie to them. (Beware when you lie to these people next.)
  18. Sarcasm in life is responsible for your creative side. (Chandler Bing are you there?)
  19. Psychology says, women with higher IQ, have a hard time in finding their life partner.
  20. To neutralize the effect of one negative moment in your life you need five positive experiences to balance it out. You can blame it on the negative bias of your brain that tends to remember the negative moments more than the happy ones. (That explains memory loss of Happy memories)
  21. You are in constant search of human faces in inanimate objects. This is called pareidolia. (And I thought I was crazy).
  22. When you are having a conversation with someone, notice if their feet are turned towards you. If yes, then you are lucky! This person has a keen interest in you and likes you.

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