How to achieve Happiness and Perfection?

We can be happy in our lives, if our mind understands the three qualities of life that is Purity, Passion, and Ignorance.

So what are the qualities of this wise and Happy man?We can be happy in our lives, if our mind understands the three qualities of life that is Purity, Passion, and Ignorance.

What are the qualities that makes a person truly Happy?

The man who has the greatest Purity of thoughts is invincible. He can conquer any challenging obstacles, and his mind can control even the strongest desires.

  1. He is the one who treats pain and pleasure as equal, for him the price of the most expensive diamond and little sand has no difference.
  2. This Man is devoted and treats friends and enemies as equivalent.
  3. He neither gains pride by honor nor gets demotivated with dishonor.
  4. Remains calm in all the hurdles of life.
  5. He is indifferent to praise and criticism.
  6. This man is self-centered but never too much.

The man with the above qualities attains the wisdom of life, and pursues Perfection with pure happiness.

Hence, we all are the manifestation of these three qualities of life that is Purity, Passion, and Ignorance.

Once our minds can distinguish between these forces, we can achieve Peace, Happiness, and Success in Life.

What are the outcome of these qualities in our Life?

1. The Purity of mind and soul is the strongest and insusceptible meaning, it cant be affected by any obstacles. Once you acquire that, your mind will always be in a state of happiness, and life will always be as you wanted. Furthermore, this purity cultivates into harmony and contentment, and is ultimately a source of light of knowledge.

2. Passion is bound by desires, attachment, and pleasure. It binds your soul to the result of your actions. The mere outcome of your goals and achievements is the only driver of your passion. Hence, you get stuck in the forever loop of desires and results. This results in a state of unhappiness within yourself which your mind is unaware of, because this is not real happiness. It is merely the gratification of your desires.

3. Ignorance is that dark place in your mind, that chains your life to lethargy, inaction, immoral acts, hatred, infatuation, and greed. This is the main source of unhappiness in our life. Most of us are stuck in this loop at uncertain times in our life, which drains out the happiness of our life.

Therefore, Purity is the harbinger of happiness, Passion brings agitation, confusion, and misery while Ignorance blinds your senses off wisdom and leads you into a life of failure.

What is the Secret of Happiness?

The mind which can distinguish between these qualities can reach the highest divinity and can unfold the secret of Happiness.

As when your life is full of Purity you evolve and grow, when you fill your path with Passion you neither evolve nor degrade, whilst, when your mind is in ignorance you ultimately fall, and are lost.

Above all, this piece of wisdom is the short secret of the Universe, and once you master it, you will accomplish infinite bliss.

Originally Published on Quora by Shikha Roy

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