Heartbroken? Follow these 15 Habits to heal yourself

How to heal a broken heart?

If you are heartbroken then your broken heart can not be healed just like magic. It depends from people to people.

There are some kind of people who after being heartbroken simply moves on to another relationship like real quick. On the other hand, there are a handful of people who take forever to heal when they are heartbroken.

Some people believe and show that they have healed, but are simply unaware of the fact that their broken heart is negatively affecting their life.

An interesting thing is, I have seen a few people who take an opportunity out of their broken heart to change themselves in a better way. They eventually come out stronger out of their heartbroken phase.

Also, there are very few people who curse and hold themselves responsible for choosing and spending time on a relationship that was not meant to be.

You should be extra careful about the kind of people you let in your life. You should value your time more than anything.

I feel that to pacify yourself when you are heartbroken, it is better to feel all the rush of emotions, be it anger, frustration, revenge, regret, deep sadness.

15 Habits to heal yourself

  1. If you are angry, vent it out on the person who wasted your time. Don’t lose your self-respect by holding the anger within you. Your anger is valid.
  2. If you have felt that you have been taken advantage of, please go ahead and teach the other person how it feels to have the same feeling.
  3. If you feel sad and miss beautiful memories, you can surely cry. But also accept the fact that they are no longer in existence.
  4. It is best to acknowledge your feelings. A heartbroken phase teaches you many things about yourself which were left undiscovered before.
  5. Take your own time to make beautiful memories again. Time heals even the darkest wounds.
  6. Remember the way you feel your emotions and the way others feel might be completely different. It is okay to be emotional but not okay to be a fool.
  7. Do not blame yourself, do not feel guilty about your decisions. Learn to embrace your mistakes, but do not repeat it the second time.
  8. Indulge in self-care, pamper yourself, try something new every day instead of thinking about the past.
  9. Do not ignore your health. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if the taste of food resonates with your sad life, just don’t skip it.
  10. It is not necessary to disconnect with the world. Instead, connect with good people who are worthy of your time and bring you happiness.
  11. Write your feelings out. It is the best therapy. Ever wondered, while reading a beautiful poem, you can in real feel the emotions of the writer who wrote it? Writing helps in many ways to cope with loss and grief.
  12. Do not deactivate your social media just because of the broken heart. Work on your weaknesses and learn to fight with the distractions in your life instead of succumbing to it and getting intimidated by it.
  13. Travel with your friends. It is the best remedy that no one can beat.
  14. Finally, learn the philosophy of letting go. Do not hold on to any grudges, bad memories, painful moments in life. Once you free your mind off that burden, then the path of recovery is not far away.
  15. Seek professional help. It is perfectly okay to be vulnerable. Consult your therapist as nothing is more important than your mental health.

Originally published on Quora by Shikha Roy

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