What are Gender Stereotypes? How to get rid of it?

What are Gender Stereotypes? How to get rid of it?

Gender Stereotypes!

Are you still living in a world where Pink is not a boy’s color? Does your world think that women are terrible in Mathematics? If it’s a Yes, then you have a very biased notion of Gender Stereotypes. Gender Stereotypes are a set of characteristics or behavior that we assign to a particular gender. These characteristics design the roles and responsibilities of a specific gender. 

Now the main question is who decides these attributes or characteristics? The answer is quite simple, OUR TROUBLE MAKER SOCIETY.  Our Traditional patriarchal society has established certain gender stereotypes, which, according to them, should ideally be followed by both the sexes.


Stating some of these Gender Stereotypes

                BOYS              GIRLS


While we are growing up, these stereotypes are taught to us. It will not be wrong to say that sexism starts at home.  Young children get caught in the trap of these stereotypes, and it affects their Self-image and the way they interacted with people. Whenever a boy has a mental breakdown, the instant reaction is, wipe your tears, BOYS DON’T CRY! Being a girl is not easy, and the widespread Gender Stereotype is always rushing our path is, “Girls should learn to cook. Otherwise, nobody will marry her! So basically, a man needs a house help, not a life partner. Our patriarchal society created social differences with these Stereotypes.  Not always, the men have to be the earning member of the family. Women should also equally contribute towards supporting the family financially, and thankfully in most cases, this change is accomplished. But still, there are many houses where the man does not allow his wife to earn because his Notion of Biased Gender Stereotype is so strong.


Patriarchal Gender Stereotypes were basically about oppressing women. They gave men an upper hand and the right to show authority towards women. These Gender stereotypes gave rise to Gender Inequality.  Only a man can earn and support his family. Women are meant to take care of the house and their family. All these gave men the right to establish their dominance over women and oppress her, and the sad truth is the society gave them the right to do so! All these Biased Gender Stereotypes gave rise to Rape, domestic violence, harassment, etc. Thankfully, to an enormous scale, things have been evolved. Women equally participate in supporting the family financially, and the man equally contributes to taking care of his family and house. But the struggle for change wasn’t that easy, and let’s address the fact that it has also not ended.  These Biased Gender Stereotypes gave rise to what we call Feminism. Due to these biases Stereotypes, gender inequality established, which gave rise to feminism, which was the movement where women demanded equal rights to that of men. So a feminist is anybody who treats men and women equally.   


Let’s now understand how Gender Stereotypes decreases confidence in women in their workplace. Again, a widespread stereotype is that women are weak in mathematics. Now the entire procedure of Occupational setting also works on this stereotype. Only 26% of women in the United States of America are employed in Technical jobs. So the notion of women as weak in mathematics drops there confidence in companies related to technology and science, and surprisingly, men are preferred more for jobs of this type.  However, all the academics results shout a different story, but society cannot forget their biased stereotypes. A woman can be a great engineer, and a man can be a great teacher. Breaking these stereotypes is the need of the hour because, without this, our society will not be able to progress.


Boys, too, are Victims of Multiples Stereotypes. Let’s just say if being a woman is tough, then being a man is tough also!  As stated earlier, Sexism starts at home. When a boy cries, he is told to wipe his tears because boys are not meant for crying; they are intended to be strong. But wait are boys supposed to be strong all the time. If they are seen crying, then it is considered to be a question mark on their masculinity. Talking about masculinity, it comes with some very harsh rules, and few regulations among them are “BOYS CANT APPLY MAKEUP” “BOYS CAN’T LOVE PINK.” Men usually are bullied if they are seen breaking these handcuffs of masculinity. But let’s just say our generation is a rebel, a rebel to bring change in the society and to live their life on their terms. James Charles, who is a man, has his makeup line.   


Occupational sorting happens with men too.  These stereotypes dragged women from companies related to technology and science. Similarly, our patriarchal and traditional society used to pull men from fashion makeup, clothing, teaching, and hair styling industries. Taunts like these jobs are meant for women bombarded their way, every time they thought to follow their passion. But quoting it again, a woman can be a great engineer, and a man can be a great teacher. Some of the leading fashion designers, hairstylists, and makeup artists are men. I hope you heard of Sabhyasachi (the best bridal fashion designer), sorry to disappoint the society, but he is a man. Whenever a person tries to break these stereotypes and strives to achieve something different from what the society usually expects them to do, bullying, taunting, judgment becomes everyday routine for them.


These biased Stereotypes create a world full of judgment and negativity. They curb people from achieving their goals due to biasedness and pre-saved notions. Breaking these Stereotypes and forming a world of freedom and positivity will help us reach the path of success. Let the concept of LIVE AND LET LIVE, sink in you. Let there be no more judgments, biasedness, and hate.


PINK is for Boys. Boys can love makeup. Women can be great in mathematics. Men can be awesome chefs, Women can support their expenses, Women are amazing drivers, Men love fashion!


Gender equality arrives when we treat people as humans and respect them for being human beings, not because of their gender. Gender doesn’t deserve respect; people do! The minute you understand that gender equality is the need of the hour, you will say goodbye to biased gender stereotypes. Work hard on yourself, work on your passion, achieve your goals, and never let your gender come in your way. 


As rightly quoted by Gandhi Ji, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD, the first pillar to success is to cancel sexism at home. Teach your sons and your daughters to respect people because every human being deserves respect, not because girls should be respected. The better environment you create for your kids, the more they will learn. Keep guiding them at every possible step and trust me, you did your bit for a change. Our education system should also be designed this way.


Let’s create a better world to live, which is rid of stereotypes, judgments, negativity, and is full of love and positivity!

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