body shaming

Body Shaming

What does body shaming mean?

All the more, we talk about the concept of body positivism, which illustrates how important it is for women to feel confident about their bodies.

But my question to you is why do we even need to talk about Body Positivism and loving our own body? Is this something that should even be taught to us? Well YES, because our society is taking the concept of Body shaming too seriously. They are constantly fat-shaming people for living their life according to their choices. Isn’t it everyone’s right to decide how we want to see ourselves?

What society says, really matters?

For the society, the perfect body type is thin and slim and if in case they deviate from that path and try to look different, then they have to undergo what we called Body shaming.

Women usually are tied up to certain stereotypes that talk about how an ideal woman should be, she should be slim, she should not have much body hair and she should always look pretty.

Fat-shaming makes every woman insecure. Some women starve, spill out food because they get traumatized and insecure about being shamed for their bodies.

Moreover, women are having eating disorders, some who gain weight due to psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, and others who have thyroid. But all our society cares about is a woman to fit in those stereotypes.

It’s not just about women but Men also are bullied for being fat. Talking about our entertainment industry, they never really accept plus-size models and actors. The celebrities that are your role models and the so-called influencers promote how being slim is the only body type that is accepted in the industry.

However, now things are coming on track as the social media influencers are coming up with the concept of plus size fashion and the need to focus on Body Positivism. People have attached the concepts of being fit with being thin.

No matter how much junk is consumed by a thin woman and no matter how much a fat person is working out. We will consider the thin person to be healthy and fit. Whenever someone tries to deviate from the path and tries to accept them for their original selves they are usually bombarded with negative comments.

The amount of mental instability it takes to gear up with all the courage and to FIGHT BACK the negativity is immense. Our society has never taught us to accept our flaws.

How to overcome body shaming?

End the body shaming

Growing and learning as an individual is commendable but accepting your flaws and then working on them because you want to do is something that is even more commendable.

The only validation that should be worth consideration should be your validation. When we say it is really important to love yourself, it is worth giving a thought to, that why so many people are focusing on it.

The only reason behind this deep statement is, there are thousands of people to demotivate you, to hold you back but if you are not the one constantly boosting yourself, you are the one who is going to suffer.

It can be curbed by self-love and self-acceptance.

We can work on ourselves to grow into better versions of ourselves but we should never change our originality.

Every body type is beautiful; every skin is beautiful all it requires is accepting it. Beauty does not come with weight!

Allow yourself to control your journey, learn to embrace your real self, accept your body, accept your flaws, grow from your mistakes, respect your journey, and then as we say SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR YOU.

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